No Christmas without children

No Christmas without ChildrenChristmas is Christmas, but it is just not the same when a happy and introspective day is celebrated without the joy and excitement that only children can bring.

I love to observe young children around Christmas time…

First there is the anticipation and the waiting…

Wondering what is hiding in the so beautifully wrapped presents. “Does Santa really know what I want, what I have been waiting for, for half the year already? Did Santa really remember me? Is it even possible that he can find me what I want? Wow…”

Then the excitement of finding the presents.

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing all the wrapped presents. Yes, it is Christmas and today I can really open my gifts, no more waiting.

… and of course the highlight… Opening the presents.

Joy, laughter and even confusion! “So many new toys to play with… Where do I start? Ooh, I love Christmas…”

… and then we grow up…

Do you remember those feelings? Now, without getting philosophical, the joy of Christmas is still inside us, within our inner child. Maybe Christmas is the day to remember and reconnect with the child inside of ourselves. Maybe to really enjoy Christmas like children, we need to go back into that place in our hearts where we are children, where we can look at life through the eye of a child.

So, what if you could have a conversation with the 5 year old you, what joy would you share? What do you really want from life? What would bring you the joy and excitement that you knew when you were a child waiting for Christmas?

What is it that you really want to see wrapped under the tree? When you unwrap your beautiful present what is it that you are hoping to hold in your hands?

I suppose when we remember the child within, there really never is a Christmas without children.