Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments

I think Owl Christmas tree ornaments and decorations are adorable. If you agree, hang around and check out the cute decorations I found.

I like owl decorations because they are cute and bring a wise element to any tree. While searching for the perfect ornament to add to my existing tree, I found some stunning ones that I’d like to share with you.

I also found some great ideas to make your own owl Christmas tree ornaments. Want to make them now? Then scroll down to follow the instructions to make these really simple felt owl tree decorations. They are so easy to make and if you own a hot glue gun, have a few colors of crafting felt and some ribbon lying around, you are set to go.

Oh yes, if you are looking for a tutorial to make primitive snowy owl Christmas ornaments, then you’d love the video below. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

But first, enjoy some of the best owl Christmas tree ornaments that I found on Amazon.

Best Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Owls

The first ones that grabbed my attention are these glass owls…



Want to check them out? Click on the image you like.

Ho Ho Ho Father Owl

Looking for a wise old man? Then you will love this wise handmade Santa Owl bearing gifts. Don’t you just adore his face?

Ho Ho Ho Father Owl

This is a big guy and can be a focal point on your tree.

Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

These snowy owl ornaments are beautiful and will stand out on any traditional tree. I like to cluster them together or even get a small tree and let the owls enjoy their own space in their own tree.



If you are looking to buy ornaments, these are lovely, but I also enjoy crafting with felt, and I love how easy it is to make these adorable little owls. Are you game? 🙂 Let’s start…

How to Make Your Own Adorable Felt Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make an adorable felt Christmas tree ornament

Follow these simple steps to make your own felt Christmas tree ornaments.

What you need?

  • Crafting felt (red, green, black, white, and yellow)
  • Thin metallic satin ribbon
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Supplies needed to make felt owl ornament

Instructions to make the Felt Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments

Step 1

Cut a shape from the red crafting felt to create the owl’s body. This shape is almost like a circle but narrower at the top than the bottom. It should be roughly the size of your palm or whatever size you would like your ornaments to be.

Cut the owl's body

Step 2

Cut two pieces of round white felt for the owl’s eyeballs.

Step 3

Cut two smaller black circles and hot glue them to the white felt circles to complete the eyes.

Make the owl's eyes

Step 4

Hot glue the eyes onto the body’s top edge, leaving enough space between them for the little yellow nose.

Step 5

Cut a small pointed triangle from the yellow crafting felt and glue it pointing downwards between the eyes.

Add the nose

Step 6

Cut two wings from the green crafting felt and hot glue them onto the body below the eyes. Position them so that the upper tips of the wings are placed under the owl’s eyeballs.

Add wings

Step 7

Cut two tiny owl feet from the black felt and glue them onto the bottom of the body.

Add the owl's feet

Step 8

Cut about 2 inches of metallic ribbon and glue it to the back of the owl’s eyes. This creates the loop to hang the ornament.

Adorable felt owl decoration

Awesome, you are done! Hang them in bunches on your Christmas tree. These guys look great when grouped together, so make a few.

Get creative and make them in any color that works with your color scheme for this holiday.

Primitive Snowy Owl Christmas ornaments

To make this snowy owl ornament, all you need is some cardboard and mica glitter. Check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments below…

Now What?

Whether you are obsessed with owls or just want to add a few to your existing tree, I hope you found some enchanting owl Christmas tree ornaments here.

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