Light Pink Christmas Ornaments

Pink Christmas tree ornamentsI have not committed to decorating my Christmas tree with these light pink Christmas ornaments yet. But I really like the fairy wonderland feeling that I get when I look at a tree all decorated in light pink and fairy decorations. It makes the little girl in me feel like a princess.

Now, if you have read my post about mint green Christmas ornaments you will know that decorating with mint green is number one on my wish list for holiday color schemes.

As you also know, I have been looking around at different decoration options and going out all Pink is fun, magical and bold. If you have made this decision, the first option would be to go “All out Pink” with a gorgeous big pink Christmas tree.

If you go for this option, I would assume you have a little girl or daughters who love Barbie, butterflies and princesses. Or maybe like me, you are hankering back to childhood.

The Pink Christmas Tree

I like the tree below from Amazon. This tree comes in a number of sizes, so you can have a little pink Christmas tree that is 3 feet tall or get a big Christmas tree that fill up your whole room. These trees are beautifully pre-lit with pink mini lights and pink wiring. 



If however, like me, you like the idea of light pink Christmas ornaments and decorations, but don’t exactly want to turn your living room into Barbie’s home, there are many pink Christmas tree ornaments that can bring princess magic to to your green tree. The alternative…

Light Pink Christmas Ornaments

My favorite has to be the pink Christmas tree ornaments and I like to incorporate small gifts into my tree decorations.

I am updated this post now in the middle of the year and there just aren’t too many cute ornaments available.

For my favorites right now, go here.

Once the season rolls back in, I’ll update the post again.