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My Favorite Childhood Christmas Tree: A Look Back

When I was a child, my parents bought a green artificial Christmas tree. I must have been about 9 or 10 years old. The tree wasn’t big, but I thought it was. After all, it was taller than me.

Unpacking Our Artificial Christmas Tree

It came in a long narrow box. When we slid the tree out of the box, the tree branches had to be opened, and we had to connect the “feet” so that it could stand.

Unpacking and opening up the arms of an artificial tree

I still have the image of a very skinny man sleeping in a box. Every December, we would wake him up by gently sliding him out of the box and give him life by awakening his body and adding his feet. 🙂 Then we would decorate him and bring him alive for Christmas.

This memory is not about decorations, but I wrote more about my approach to decorating a beloved Christmas tree here.

Storing Our Trusty Tree till Next Christmas

Once Christmas was over, we had to remove all the decorations and smooth the branches down so the tree could go back into its box. This took quite an effort. The box was made for the tree with no wear and tear. But the longer we had the tree, the harder it was to get it back into the box.

Packing away an artificial Christmas tree

For some reason, buying a container for our Christmas tree was never an option that occurred to anybody. I think that was because money was tight, and buying a basic tree that could be used yearly was more important. And then spend the extra money on beautiful and fun decorations.

Also, we didn’t have the incredible storing solutions we have today. Today we have so many fantastic storage boxes for Christmas decorations and trees. It is now easy to safely store an artificial tree so it can bring joy for many years.

One of my favorite Christmas tree storage solutions is this extra-large, heavy-duty Xmas storage container with wheels & handles that can store up to a 9 ft tall tree. You can find it here in Christmas green, red, and black.

Thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of our tree. If I did, I would have loved to share it. This picture does remind me of our beautiful tree. 🙂 Thank you for reading about my memory of our lovely Christmas tree.

Also, if this is a challenging time of the year for you, know you are not alone. And for some love, visit our holiday quotes page for solace.

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