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Christmas Tree Decorations – How to Build Up the Best Collection

Traditions are important when decorating Christmas trees and tend to rule our actions. Many of us celebrate and decorate our homes like our parents did. We often have good childhood memories and want to relive them around Christmas.

However, it becomes harder to incorporate all the old traditions when we create new families or blend families, as many of us do today. The secret is to start your own traditions!


I like to try different things and enjoy change.

Some years, I go all in with one accent color, like with my favorite mint green decorations. In other years, I might pull out all the old Christmas tree decorations I have collected over the decades and find a space for each one.

Christmas tree decorations

What do you do?

Do you have a tree or buy a new live tree every year and then add more decorations to your tree every year?

Or are you the person who tries a new color scheme every few years and then goes all out to decorate your tree and home in that color?

I have done both, as I am sure many of you have. I have used the same tree for many years and add a few new ornaments every year.

Building your collection slowly over time is the way to go, especially if you are on a budget or are creating your own traditions.

The Best Way to Build Up Your Christmas Tree Decoration Collection Slowly

The fun or secret is to start with a few essential decorations, garlands, and lights and then build it up over the years. This way, you can look forward to buying a few unique decorations each year and end up with a perfect set of Christmas tree decorations to use for a long time.

I like this approach because there are so many cute decorations. Doing it this way means my tree has a new character every year, but the essence stays the same. It changes from year to year and brings with it our family’s personality.

So, where do I start?

Decide What Type of Tree You Want

If you are dead set on a live tree, decide on the size you want and find a reputable supplier to get the best one. You want one that will last the entire holiday season. But how can you tell if a tree is of decent quality?

Be sure to buy a fresh tree. You can tell by looking at the needles. They should be green and fresh. The tree should be well-shaped and symmetrical, and the trunk should have no indentations or bumps.

You’ll know the tree is fresh when you get home, and the aroma of the tree is all over your house. For more on how to pick a fresh tree and take care of it once you purchase it, check out this article from Linda Ly at Garden Betty.

If you start your collection with an artificial tree, get an excellent quality one that will last years. This is one of my favorites.

No products found.

No products found.

It is a Balsam Hill Classic artificial tree. It is a quality tree. You’ll find them in sizes ranging from 4.5 feet to 9 feet. Click on the image to check them out on Amazon.

If you want the best guide on buying an artificial tree, including tips on choosing the size, shape, look, needle type, species, and color, check out Balsam Hills’ comprehensive guide.

If you are starting and want a cheaper or thinner tree like the one I muse over here, then this tree at Amazon is a good option.

Decide on a Color Scheme

As your objective is to build a long-term collection, consider going with traditional Christmas colors. Unless you know, you want a white tree with light pink decorations, which you want to build on.

Buy Staple Ornaments

Think shatterproof baubles, finials, and balls in all kinds of shapes. What and how much you buy will depend on your budget, the size of your tree, and how much you want to fill up your tree from year one.

The easiest place to start is with the different collections you’ll find at retail stores or on Amazon. I like this set for an extensive collection of 132 times in all colors and shapes.

For more of a starter collection with fifty shatterproof balls in red and gold, I like this collection from Funarty. These are small balls, so if you have a big tree, these will look lost.

Buy Quality Garland

You don’t need a lot, but make sure the quality is good. Decide on a color to complement your main Christmas ornaments or a contrasting color. You may also want to use garland on your mantle, staircases, or windows so it will never go to waste.

Your Tree Needs Good Lighting

Your Christmas tree must have lights. And adding lights is probably cheaper than you think. The main factors to consider when buying lights are the color, length, and type of globe.

Check out this HGTV guide to learn everything you want to know about the best lighting for your budget and tree.

What Else? Star, Skirt, DIY Decorations, and the Piece de Resistance

You’ll need a few more items. If you bought the 132-piece set, you already have a star for the top of your tree, but if you didn’t, you’d need one. No tree is complete without a top piece.

You don’t necessarily need a skirt under your tree to put your gifts on. It is one of those items you can add later.

DIY baubles and other creative projects are an excellent way to make your tree unique, like with these owl decorations.

Find those unique trinkets, characters, and baubles when traveling or shopping. Keep an eye open for fun, whimsical, or eye-catching ornaments you want to add to your tree next year.

This way, you can gradually add new and unique pieces to your collection each year, and eventually, you’ll have a genuinely one-of-a-kind tree. Plus, slowly accumulating decorations can be just as fun as putting them up on the tree – it’s a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit!


Splurge for a Special Year with a Wondrous-themed Christmas Tree

Conversely, as mentioned earlier, a full-color scheme brings a new magical wonder world in exotic colors, pastels, or, my favorite, mint green. The blue Christmas and light pink color schemes were also extremely popular with our readers.

Whatever Christmas tree decorations you prefer, if you follow my blog, you will find ideas for both. Enjoy!

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