Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree decorationsWhen it comes to decorating Christmas trees, traditions are important and tend to rule the way we do things. Many of us like to do things the way our parents did it. Often times because we have good childhood memories and want to relive these around Christmas time.

However, when we create new families or blend families as many of us do today, it becomes harder to incorporate all the old traditions.

Me? I like to try different things… And I like change, which is why some years I like to go all out and try new things. I go for completely new color schemes and some years, I drag out all the old decorations and find a space for each one.

What do you do? Do you have a tree or buy a new live tree every year and then add more and more decorations to your tree every year?

Or are you the person who go for a new color scheme every few years and then go all out to decorate your tree and home in that color?

Personally I have done both. For many years I used the same tree and added more and more ornaments to it every year. The fun or secret is to start with a few basic decorations, garlands and lights and then to build it up over years. This way, you can look forward to buying a few special decorations each year and end up with a perfect set of Christmas tree decorations to use for a very long time.

I like this approach because there are always so many cute Christmas tree decorations. Doing it this way means that my tree has a different character every year, but the essence stays the same. It changes from year to year and brings with it the family’s personality.

On the other side, a full color scheme brings a new magical wonder world in exotic colors, pastel or my favorite mint color scheme. Oh yes and the blue Christmas and light pink color schemes were also very popular with our readers.

Whichever Christmas tree decorations you prefer, if you continue to follow my blog, you will find ideas for both…