Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

Mint green Christmas Ornaments
I don’t have any of these mint green Christmas ornaments yet, but they are number one on my wish list for holiday color schemes.

I love green and especially mint green. But when it comes to Christmas decorations, I have always kind of stuck with the more traditional golds, reds, blues and dark green.

I do think these softer color pallets like the mint green and the light pinks give a very different look and feel to a Christmas tree and the ambiance of the living room. They are dreamy and creates a feeling of wonder… What do you think?

Right now, I am not ready to give up my traditional tree just yet. So until I decide to abandon my all colorful Christmas tree to all green, I will be adding these mint green sparkling Christmas tree candles to my table decorations.

For now, I am searching magazines and the net for inspiration and will be sharing the interesting decorations I find both here and on Pinterest.

Right now, these are some of my favorites…

Mint Green and Blue Jeweled Snowflake Glass OrnamentsGet them NOWGlittered Mint Green Glass Ball OrnamentsGet them NOWNautical Wooden Pastel Glitter Anchor OrnamentsGet them NOW

What I like about these soft green decorations is that they give a really whimsical, dreamy look to any tree. It brings a different type of wonder world to Christmas. My favorite here is the nautical wooden pastel glitter anchor Christmas ornaments. I like them, because they are so different to what we normally would associate with Christmas.

When I decide to go all out with mint green Christmas ornaments, I will be decorating with these on my normal green tree and then go all minty green, shiny and white in my own mystical world.