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How to Make a Hanging Christmas Angel in 9 Steps

Are you interested in learning how to make a hanging Christmas angel? Then this easy-to-follow tutorial is for you.

Making this charming hanging Christmas angel is easy to do. It requires very few supplies and can be done in an hour or so.

How to make a hanging Christmas angel

To make this lovely angel, we need the following:

Supplies to Make a Hanging Christmas Angel

How to make a hanging Christmas angel supplies

Tools to Make Your Angel

  • A pair of scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Gather your materials, and let’s get going.

Instructions to Make a Hanging Christmas Angel Ornament

We start by making the wings and the robe of the angel. Then add the adornments, the angel’s head, and the ribbon on which the angel will hang on the Christmas tree.

Step 1 – Cut the maroon cardboard for the wings and robe.

Cut the red or maroon cardboard into two parts. One part should be one-third of the total size of the cardboard, with the other part being two-thirds. The smaller piece should be a little longer than half the length of the popsicle stick.

Step 2 – Fold the paper for the wings.

Now, fold the smaller sheet of cardboard paper into several zigzags. The width of the zigzags can differ, but it is best to align it with the width of the popsicle stick.

Fold the wings of the angel

Step 3 – Attach the wings to the popsicle stick to create the wings.

With your hot glue gun, glue one side of the folded paper to the popsicle stick.

Then stretch the remaining portion of the zigzag cardboard and reach the other part of the popsicle stick. (Like in the picture above.) Hot glue this portion of the zigzag cardboard to the popsicle stick.

Hold the popsicle stick and the paper tight for a few minutes until the glue has dried.

Now we have the angel’s wings. So, let’s make her robe.

Step 4 – Fold the bigger cardboard piece to create the robe.

Fold the larger maroon paper into a zigzag. The width of the zigzags should be the same as that of the angel’s wings.

Step 5 – Connect the robe to the arms.

Gather the ends of one side of the “robe paper” and hot glue it on the middle part of the popsicle stick where the wings were glued.

Create the robe of the angel

Step 6 – Add the angel’s beige bodice.

Cut a small concave from the white or beige construction paper. Cut a rounded design, or any design you like, into the piece. Hot glue the concave paper on top of the angel’s body. The straight part of the concave should be parallel to the popsicle stick of the angel’s body.

Now we have the upper body of the angel’s robe.

Add the upper part of the angel's rope

Step 7 – Add the angel’s head.

Hot glue the Styrofoam ball on top of the popsicle stick to create the angel’s head.

Add the angel's head

Step 8 – Add a star to the robe.

Cut a small star from the yellow construction paper and hot glue it onto the middle of the white or beige concave.

Hanging Christmas Angel

Step 9 – Add a ribbon to hang the angel to your tree.

Cut a small piece of red satin ribbon, glue the ends together, and then generously glue it to the top of the angel’s head.

Make a Hanging Christmas Angel

Finished. Well done!

In Conclusion

Now decide where you want to hang your adorable Christmas angel.

Why not make a dozen or so and hang them as a group on your tree? You can also buy A3 paper and make it much bigger once and hang it on your porch. These angels are cheap and simple to make and will add joy and Christmas spirit to your home this festive season.

So now that you know how easy it is to make this hanging Christmas angel, experiment with your designs and have fun.

You can make unusual colors or smaller or bigger ones. If you like the mint green Christmas ornaments, I showed on this page here, then why not make the wings and robe of the angel mint green?

And if you are looking for more Christmas craft ideas, check out our tutorial to make a charming snowman.

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