Make Your Own Three Dimensional Santa Claus Card

Make Your Own Three Dimensional Santa Claus Card

If you like to make your own Christmas cards for the special people in your life, then why not make your own three dimensional Santa Claus card?

This card will stand out no matter who you give it to and with the easy to follow tutorial below, you can make it in less than an hour.

So yeah, lets get going. Firstly, to make your own three dimensional Santa Claus card, you will have to stock up on all the supplies and tools.

Supplies to Make Your Own Three Dimensional Santa Claus Card

  • An A4 sheet of cardboard
  • Red, black and yellow crafting felt
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Copper wire
  • Cotton balls or rolled cotton wool

Supplies and tools

Tools to Make Your Card

  • Round nose micro pliers
  • Diagonal cutting pliers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hot glue

Now that you have all the supplies and tools, lets get going…

Instructions to Make Your Own Three Dimensional Santa Claus Card

Step 1

Fold the A4 sheet of cardboard into two. This will give you an A5 size card that will make the main body of your Santa.

Step 2

Cut a strip of red felt roughly one and a half inch wide and long enough to cover the bottom of the folded cardboard. Hot glue the red felt strip onto the bottom of the cardboard cover.

Red Felt Santa body

Step 3

Cut a strip of black crafting felt roughly one inch wide. Glue this black strip onto the red Santa “body” leaving a stretch of red felt exposed on both sides. This black strip gives us the belt of Santa Claus.

Step 4

To finish of Santa’s clothing, cut a small yellow rectangular for the belt buckle. This should be as long as the black belt. Then cut a small rectangular hole in the middle of the yellow felt and then glue the buckle of the belt in the middle of the black belt.

Santa's belt

Step 5

Hot glue a pair of googly eyes in the middle of the cardboard just on the extreme top of Santa’s clothing. This should be placed approximately on the upper third of the card.

Step 6

For Santa’s nose, cut a small piece or red felt  and glue it below the eyes.

Santa's face

Step 7

Roll the cotton wool into balls and attach cotton balls all over Santa’s face to create his beard.

Step 8

Create a pair of glasses from the copper wire using the rounded long nose pliers. Cut the excess wire and then hot glue the glasses just in front of Santa’s eyes. Make sure to place it in a forward leaning position towards Santa’s nose.

Santa's glasses


Three Dimensional Santa Card

Step 9

Cut a Santa hat from the red crafting felt and then glue it on the topmost part of Santa’s face. Be sure to leave a small space in between the face and the cap as this will leave space for his hair.

Hat for three dimensional card

Step 10

Add cotton balls on the space between the cap and the face to create his hair and to complete the picture hot glue a cotton ball on the tip of Santa’s hat.

Done! Now write your special message…

In Conclusion

This is a unique card that would most definitely capture the heart of the recipient who will very much appreciate the love that has gone into making this lovely card. Given how adorable it is, kids will also love it.

So if you would like to make your own three dimensional Santa Claus card, get going… and you will never buy plain holiday cards again. 🙂

Happy holidays!