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Make an Elegant Santa Claus Door Hanger (New Tutorial with Pictures)

A door hanger is an interesting addition to any holiday theme. This understated and elegant Santa Claus door hanger will fit with any festive, traditional, or elegant holiday theme.

This door hanger is made with cardboard and will be a fun activity with kids and for all the kids at heart. This beautiful holiday-themed door hanger will brighten up your door and spread the Christmas vibe.

Make an elegant Santa Door Hanger

First, decide where you want to hang this elegant Santa Claus door hanger. Is this for your office? For your bedroom or your family rooms? How many do you want to make? Then let’s get started and get the material together.

For 1 to 2 door hangers, this is what you need.

Supplies Needed to Make an Elegant Santa Claus Door Hanger

  • An empty cereal or any other food box
  • A piece of black crafting felt
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • Red glitter
  • Newspaper
  • A round object that is close to the size of the door handle, like a sellotape or masking tape container.

Tools to Make the Door Hanger

  • Paint brushes
  • A cutter
  • Pair of scissors
  • A pencil
  • White glue
  • Hot glue gun
Supplies to make Santa door hanger

Now that you have all the supplies, let’s get our hands dirty. 🙂

Steps to Make an Elegant Santa Claus Door Hanger

We will first cut the frame of the door hanger, and then we will decorate it. I like this elegantly understated look, but this is where you can let loose and be as creative as you like.

Step 1

Cut a rectangle from the empty cereal box that is 9 to 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Now you have the main frame of your door hanger.

Step 2

Trace the circle of the sellotape or masking tape container on the upper part of the cardboard hanger. Your objective here is to mark it and then cut a circle into the cardboard on which Santa will hang.

Once the perfect circle is marked, cut the circle into cardboard using the cutter.

Cut the Space for Door Handle

Step 3

Curve the outer edges on the topmost part of the door hanger body. Do this on both edges to create a rounded edge.

Cut the angle

Step 4

Now that we have the frame of the door handle, we’ll go ahead and decorate it.

Generously apply white glue on one side of the door hanger. Brush it evenly all over the frame of the door hanger.

Step 5

Sprinkle red glitter all over the glue covering the whole frame. Allow the glue and glitter to dry and settle on the frame of the door hanger for at least an hour.

Steps to make the frame for the Santa Claus door handle

Step 6

Cut a small strip of black felt. The width should be about 1 inch, and the length will depend on the width of the door hanger’s frame.

We now have Santa’s belt. Let’s get on with the belt buckle.

Step 7

Cut a small rectangular piece that is a bit wider than the width of the belt. Cut a smaller rectangular in the middle to create a hole. We now have the outline of the belt’s buckle.

Step 8

Create a gray acrylic paint by mixing white and a little bit of black paint. Paint the buckle with this and let it dry for about an hour.

Step 9

Hot glue the buckle on the belt and place the buckle close to one side. Then hot glue the belt and buckle onto the frame, close to the bottom. Cut the excess of the belt if there is any.

Steps to make the belt

Step 10

Cut two pieces of a black circle from the crafting felt for the buttons of Santa’s jacket. Hot glue these buttons onto the frame above and in line with the belt buckle.

Add the buttons

Step 11

Hang the hanger on the door where you want it, and make sure it fits properly. If not, make any adjustments needed. If you like it, hang it up and enjoy it and the festive season.

In Conclusion

This elegant Santa Claus door hanger is perfect for your home but is also perfect for spicing up your plain door at the office. This is a simple yet elegant way of decorating your door.

Why not get your kids or grandkids involved in making these Santa Claus door hangers and make a half dozen, so there is one for their rooms as well?

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