My Favorite Christmas Pins

In this post, I share my five favorite Christmas pins on Pinterest.

This list is likely to change, but I will start with my 5 favorite Christmas related pins:

Christmas Pin No 1

Hat Christmas pins

This picture was initially pinned from

The “Christmas Tree” is made with 6 RAZ hats, that can be purchased individually from Amazon here. I love this idea, it is so elegant and beautiful. It is the ideal Christmas tree for a special part theme or for a smallish space.

Christmas Pin No 2

Favorite Holiday pins

This beautiful gingerbread boy decoration was initially pinned from Audrey Pettit’s Weblog.  On her blog she shares step by step photos of how she makes the gingerbread boy decoration. She kindly shares a template for the decoration which is made from corrugated board.

I like the idea decorating a gift with a beautiful ornament that can then make its way on to the Christmas tree is a holiday decoration.

 Christmas Pin No 3

Strawberry Santas pin

This picture was initially pinned from Tumblr. I love these Santas.  These are not only pretty and festive, but also a somewhat healthy snack for Christmas day. Assuming of course that they will survive until the guests arrive. 🙂

Christmas Pin No 4

Favorite Christmas PinsThis pin is from It is special to me because it personifies the integration of cultures and tolerance. The Buddhist faith is very much about compassion and love. And even though Christmas may at times become very commercialized, Christmas is really also about love and compassion.


My favorite Christmas Pin No 5

Decorating Ideas Christmas Pins

I started this collection with a fabulously beautiful Christmas Tree Pin. I think it is fitting to end the collection with a pin that in itself is a Christmas tree. This idea is so beautifully put together, unusual and really so easy to make. I am not even sure I will take it off after Christmas. Maybe this can be a year round tree that incorporate different design and holiday elements for the different seasons.

Oh and before I forget, this pin was originally pinned from The article talks about 21 ways to decorate a small space.

I have a confession to make: I love Pinterest. I like that it is so visual. Opening up my Pinterest page is really like opening a magazine with pictures. I probably spend an hour every day on Pinterest. Writing that down, I first had to ask myself: Am I being honest or do I actually spend more time enjoying the beautiful images on Pinterest? Secondly the question arises – Is it only me that spend so much time on Pinterest? That is a definite NO. Research shows that I am not alone with my Pinterest addiction.

It was tough to decide which Christmas pins to add to this list. The only conclusion I can reach is that I will have to add another list of favorite Christmas pins and another and another… 🙂 Maybe the next will be funny Christmas pictures or my all time favorite Christmas decorations.

I have done my best to credit the initial source. If I shared your photo here and you don’t want me to, please send me an email and will remove your picture.