My Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift

My Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift

When I was little, my mother’s family was very close and most Christmas’s we gathered together as a family to hand out Christmas gifts to all the children in the family.

This gathering normally took place a few days or weeks before Christmas, because we could not always be together on Christmas day. We would gather around the Christmas tree in the living room at one of my aunts and uncles homes.

All the Christmas gifts were packed under the big Christmas tree. Father Christmas or an uncle always handed out the gifts to each of us. There were about six to ten kids, so it took a while. When we had all received our presents, we could open them all up.

Wow, first there was the anticipation, then the joy of opening them and the choice – What do I play with first?

I was always the slightly more serious child in the family. The child who was into books, coloring, games like chess and so on. I have lots of great memories from these family functions. But the most loved gift I remember was a beautiful metal tin set with 36 coloring pencils, a book to draw in and two coloring books. The colors were just so beautiful, from white to the yellows, the oranges, the reds, greens, blues, pinks, purples, browns and black. I had every color I could every want to draw and color in anything I could imagine. I had colors that I didn’t even know existed.

In those days our gifts were more basic than today, no smart phones, tablets or eReaders, but the joy was the same. I always loved these evenings with all the gifts from the family. At these events, we never received our Christmas gifts from our own parents. These were held over for Christmas Eve. So, we always had more gifts to look forward to…

I’d spent months after that Christmas cherishing my coloring pencils. Till today that was my favorite childhood Christmas gift. Thank you to my family for their love and their thoughtful gifts when I was growing up. As kids we may not always express how grateful we are, so THANK YOU…