Wilton Christmas Cookie Cutters for less than $5

Wilton Christmas cookie cuttersWhat is Christmas without the gingerbread man? Whilst looking for new cookie cutters and cookie ideas, I found these Wilton Christmas cookie cutters.

They are great, not just because each one is priced below $5 right now, but also because they are so easy and comfortable to use.

I like this brand, because the cutter is thicker than the average tin cookie cutter. The Wilton Christmas Cookie Cutters are made from stainless steel and are rust resistant. So I can throw them in the dishwasher with no worries.

And of course best of all is the rubber cushion that protects my hands and little hands who love to make Christmas cookies with mom.

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I always try to make these cookies as gifts beautifully packaged in a mason jar with a lovely bow and a handmade card. But, unfortunately they don’t always last long enough to make it into a jar. So we bake often and like to try new shapes…

We always make gingerbread men and Christmas trees, but we have not tried to make the candy canes. I always worried that the candy cane cookies will break because they are too thin. This year though we are definitely going to bake candy cane cookies with our Wilton Christmas Cookie Cutters. Who knows maybe we will even decorate them with frosting and hang them on our Christmas tree.